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Brahmin two days 28 kalasa pooja

Brahmin two days 28 kalasa pooja

Brahmin Two Day Poojas

Brahmin Two day Pooja Event for 59th,60th,70th 75th and 80th Marriages

28 Kalasa Pooja with 11priests (Vedic Brahmins) with EGADASA RUDHRA PARAYANAM

Two time Pooja Starting from the previous day Evening with Couples Reception

On the First day Evening;-

Vigneshwara Pooja,
28 Kalasa Predishtai & Pooja,
Maha Sangalpam
Rudra Devatha Aavaganam,
Egadesa Rudra Jeba Parayanam (performed by 11 Nos Vedic Brahmins )
Siva Lingha Abishegam
Deepa Aaradhana
Second day Morning Pooja starts with Couples Reception,
Following Pooja & Homam Performed in Your function By Us:
Mangala Vaadhyam,
Vigneshwara Pooja,
Maha Sangalpam,
Agni Karyam (Fire
Following 16-types of Homams (being performed by  Sivachariars):-
1.      Ganapathy Homam,
2.      Navagraha Homam,
3.      Mrithunjeya Homam,
4.      Ayul Homam,
5.      Dhanvandhri Homam,
6.      Suthershana Homam,
7.      (Ugararadha shathi /
8.      Shastiapthapoorthi / Bheemaratha /Sathabishega Homam,
9.      Durga Prameshvari Homam,
10. Mahalakshmi Homam,
11. Ashta Lakshmi Homam,
12. Saraswathi Homam,
13. Bhrama-Vishnu – Rudhra  Homam,
14. Saptha Siranjeevi and Saptharishi Homam.
15. Sasthaa Homam,
16. Anjaneyar Homam,
17. Nakshatra Homam,
18. Poornahuthi,
19. Deepa Aaradhana
20. Kalasa Purapaadu
21. Mangala Snanam (Theertha Abishegam)
22. Muhurtham with new clothes
23. Asirvatham,
24.   Swami Dharshan &  Archanas.

Following items bring by your side:- Thambulam (Seervarisai)

Following items bring by your side:- Thambulam (Seervarisai)
# New Dhoti,Shirt, Towel and Saree for Muhurtham,
# Thirumangalyam,(Mangal Sutra) [ Optional ]
# Manjal & kumkum,
# Sandal with Bowl,
# Betel Leaves & nuts,
# Yellow (turmeric) coated Coconuts- 5 nos,
# Paruppu Thenkai 1 Set,
# Seer Bakshanam,(To your needs),
# Fruits,
# Chocolates,
# Sweets,
# Garland (Muhurtha Malai) -2,
# Garland (Maatru malai)- 2,
# Flowers (Uthiri Poo),
# Normal Dhoti,Towel and Saree for Dhana
(Morning when you come to the temple wear Dhoti, towel [No shirt] and normal saree that should be left at the temple for Dhana after kalasa abishegam).
# Two towel for dry the head and also comb,face mirror etc,
# Carpet for guest(Jamukkalam)

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