Brahmin Ayush Homam

Brahmin Ayush Homam

Ayush is nothing but means age in Sanskrit and ayusha homam is performed by well learned purohits for a healthy long life and for removal of hindrances from life.
Ayush Homam is performed to worship the God of Life (Ayur Devata), chanting Ayush Shuktha. In general, it bestows longevity and good health.

16 Kalasa Pooja – 4 Priests (Vaadhiyar)

Following Pooja & Homam Performed by us on this event:

1. Go & Gaja Pooja(Elephant And cow Pooja),

2. Kalasa Prethishtai & Pooja,

3. Ganapathy Homam,

4. Navagraha Homam,

5. Mritthunjaya Homam,

6. Ayusha Homam,

7. Dhanvanthri Oushatha Homam,

8. Sashti Devata Homam,

9. Durga Lakshmi,

10. Saraswathi Homam,

11. Sudharshana Homam,

12. Ashta Lakshmi Homam,

13. Haricharaprthra Homam,

14. Anjaneyar Homam,

15. Family Star Homam,

17. Brama Vishnu Homam,

17. Sapta Chiranjeevi

18. Saptharishi Homam,

19. Poornahuti,

20. Deeparadhana,

21. Kalasa Abishegam(thertha abishegam),

22. Swami Ambal Archana,

23. Prasatham.

Following items should be bring by your side:

1. New Dhoti and Saree

2. Normal Dhoti, towel and Saree ( to be left at temple after kalasa abishegam).

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